Warranty conditions of KSE-LIGHTS GmbH

Beyond statutory warranty, KSE-LIGHTS GmbH offers its customers in the following product warranties.


The warranty is valid for KSE-LIGHTS LED lights and bulbs, which has been purchased from KSE-LIGHTS GmbH, Thüngenfeld.8, 58256 Ennepetal.


A. Warranty period

The warranty granted by KSE-LIGHTS GmbH is valid under the following conditions:


Product warranty period
Mobile LED lights 2 years
For the rechargable accumulators 1 year
Non recharchable mobile LED lights 2 years
LED tubes 3 years
LED Floodlight 3 years
Flood light AM series 7 years
LED pole mounted luminaires 7 years
LED-High Bay Light 7 years


Die von der KSE-LIGHTS GmbH gewährten Garantieleistungen gelten unter folgenden Bedingungen:


1. The purchaser must inspect the goods immediately after delivery and to consider.


2. The warranty covers the items listed under A. products, provided they are operated for clues of KSE-LIGHTS, the KSE-LIGHTS data sheets, the KSE-LIGHTS manuals, issued by KSE-LIGHTS specifications and existing IEC standards.


3. If there is a material or manufacturing defect failed during the warranty period warranty, KSE-LIGHTS reserves the right to carry out repairs or replacement thereof or to provide an equivalent or better replacement product.


4. Replacements or replacement products do not extend the warranty.


5. KSE-LIGHTS reserves the right to decide on the authorization of the warranty itself.


6. In order to guarantee management, the buyer shall confer with the KSE-LIGHTS service department. Furthermore, a free return shipment of the complete product for troubleshooting is required.


7. Warranty services will be furnished only if the defective product is presented within the warranty period together with the original invoice. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase. KSE-LIGHTS may refuse free warranty if these documents are not presented or if they are incomplete or illegible.


8. The warranty can expire if the fixed markings such as model name, serial number, deleted, removed or made illegible.


9. Complaints about incorrect or incomplete deliveries or because of defects must be notified immediately but not later than one week after delivery of the goods. Complaints about hidden defects shall be allowed in any case only during the warranty period. Defects must be described concretely. After this period, the goods are deemed approved and available to the customer.


10. On receipt of a damaged shipment the buyer is obliged to immediately enclosing the compensation claim with the carrier and to inform KSE-LIGHTS immediately.


11. The purchaser must inspect carefully especially on any material failure towards the goods. For damage or accidents that occur during and / or after installation, KSE-LIGHTS is not responsible.


12. Natural wear and damage caused by negligent or improper handling by the customer are excluded from the warranty. The warranty expires if the product is changed or opened by a third party or by the installation. The same applies to improper treatment, unprofessional installation or commissioning of the contractual object. The warranty is void if the customer fails shall ensure that the power supply is operated in the intended voltage range and power surges or other irregularities are excluded. In all these cases KSE-LIGHTS is exempt from any responsibility.


13. All usual changes on the LED, such as loss of brightness or change the electrical properties and color are excluded from the guarantee.


14. If the goods are defective and the defect is carried out in due time, the customer may demand rectification within a reasonable time in accordance with the §§437ff BGB. If refused the subsequent or should this fail, the customer is entitled to reduce the purchase price or rescind the contract with respect to the poor performance.


15. To carry out all KSE-LIGHTS appear necessary changes and improvements and the supply of spare parts, the buyer has adequate time and opportunity to KSE-LIGHTS. If he refuses this, KSE-LIGHTS is exempt from liability for defects.


16. KSE-LIGHTS assumes no costs for transportation or assembly and disassembly of the product, nor the associated risks. Any further claims, in especially for lost profits and consequential damages are excluded. This does not apply if either KSE-LIGHTS or one of his legal representatives or agents have acted intentionally or with gross negligence.


17. The Buyer shall basically incumbent on contractual obligations, especially the agreed payment. If notice of defects is alleged, allowed payments of the customer are kept back only in an amount which is proportionate to the defects.


18. If the buyer of KSE-LIGHTS requires warranty and there was no obligation, the buyer needs to cover all expenses.


19. In terms of functionality and interaction with other components, the warranty is excluded.