Pole lights SE - series

Product information
KSE-LIGHTS - Pole lights SE - series

Powerful pole lights for high quality outdoor lighting

The SE series is suitable for illuminating private and public outdoor areas and can replace conventional lamps up to 500 W by the different performance classes. Because of its high protection class an application in almost every environment is possible for many years. Its modular design allows an easy maintenance and thus a durable operational capability.

Light distribution

The light distribution of the pole light SE-series is generated by a special optics. Because of this optics a traditional reflector is not needed anymore. By using these optics the lumen loss gets reduced and the whole lamp efficiency gets better. By using asymmetric wide beam optics we can create light distributions for almost every scenario. Mounting heights of 20 metres are not a problem for these lamps. The photometrical files of these luminaires can be downloaded here.

Light source

To get a relieable and efficient light source we have chosen a diode from the well known company Philips. These LEDs have great light quality, high efficiency and long life span. This means low maintenance intervals and thus for a cost-effective and economic use outdoors.

  • Compact and light weight design
  • Different power options between 50 W- 240 W
  • Lumen output between 6.250- 30.000 lumens
  • Standard light color 5.000 Kelvin (others on request)
  • High CRI >70 (higher on request)
  • Dimmable ballast optional available
  • Perfect thermal managment
  • High protection grade IP66 / IK10
  • Up to 130 lm/W total efficiency
  • Long lifespan: 75.000 h at T 25°C - L70 B50
  • Light creates high contrast outdoors
  • 100% light power by switching on
  • Great light distribution
Technical data
Name Pole lights series SE
Light source ​KSE-LED-ENGINE SE
Power 50 W to 240 W
Lumen output 6.250 lm to 30.000 lm
CCT 5.000 K (andere optional)
CRI >70
lifespan at 25°C ( L70 B50) 75.000 h at 25°C
Failure rate 0,10 % at 5000 h
Usage temperature -40°C to +50°C
Driver Integrated
Voltage AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimm function (optional) 10% to 100%
Housing material Aluminium
Housing color Silvergrey or black
optics Diff. types of asymmetric optics
Optical cover PC lenses
Maintenance LED ENGINE changeable
Warranty 7 years
Product variants
Delivery information
Lumens (lm)
for CCT=4000K
Number of
ML-050-xx-yy-zz-SE 6.250 50 5,3 1
ML-080-xx-yy-zz-SE 10.400 80 6,1 2
ML-100-xx-yy-zz-SE 12.500 100 6,1 2
ML-120-xx-yy-zz-SE 15.600 120 7,3 3
ML-150-xx-yy-zz-SE 18.750 150 7,3 3
ML-200-xx-yy-zz-SE 25.000 200 8,2 4
ML-240-xx-yy-zz-SE 30.000 240 9,0 5
Polelights configuration
  • Outdoor areas
  • Parking spaces
  • Streetlights
  • Plant security