Mobile Beleuchtung

Professional lighting for professional users

Mobile lighting systems, especially the cap lamps for hazardous areas, represent the heart of our company.

The production and delivery of products in these sensitive areas implies the implementation of the highest quality standards. We are constantly working on these quality standards to all our other mobile lights. Here we follow the progress of technological advancements incorporated into the development of the lights.

To withstand the stress of extreme working conditions permanently, is the central requirement for our lights. Ergonomic aspects, functionality and performance are more important for us than the design.

We also want to present innovative lighting solutions, such as the new EXIN-LIGHTS series which we would like to offer to our potential customers.
Since 2015 our new department for research and development is working to bring the practical experiences of our customers, directly into new product improvements and developments.

Our target is to develop powerful, durable and innovative mobile lighting systems for different industrial applications.

Mobile Beleuchtung Einsatzgebiete