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EXIN LIGHT - series

KSE-Lights - EXIN LIGHT-Serie

KSE-LIGHTS GmbH now exclusively sells the unique mobile LED lighting system EXIN LIGHT for the industrial sector in Germany.

EXIN LIGHT is an innovative mobile working lamp which operates independently of the mains power supply. The system is interesting when no power supply is available at the operating place but sufficient lighting is required. The setup is carried out with a few simple steps. A flexible positioning is possible almost everywhere.

EXIN LIGHT is available in 4 distinctive models characterized by different LED light heads, operating times and luminous fluxes. The EX90L is the Ex-proof model within the product range. The lights can be charged by either 230 Volt AC 50Hz or 12 and 24 volt DC power sources e.g. in trucks or passenger cars. Operation during charging is possible. Charging time is approximately 7-10 hours depending on the model used.

  • Light head can be titled by 60┬░ and is height-adjustable
  • Strong housing made of high-impact resistant ABS material
  • High resistance to UV radiation and salt water
  • Battery and lamp housing IP65
  • High quality light head
  • Low heat emission allows working in immediate vicinity of the LED light head
  • Acoustic and visual warning signal when battery level is low
  • 2 years warranty (1 year on the battery)
Technical data
technical data IN1600LB TM120L IN3500LB EX90L Ex-Zeichen
battery run time one-sided 14 - 24 hours 12 hours 7 - 24 hours 12 hours
battery run time two-sided 5 - 6 hours 6 hours
weight/ 11,1 kg 8,8 kg 11,4 kg 8 kg
open height 1120 mm 1120 mm 1120 mm 888 mm
closed height 580 mm 580 mm 580 mm 580 mm
width 340 mm 335 mm 340 mm 335 mm
depth 250 mm 220 mm 250 mm 220 mm
lumens 1600 lm each side 1030 lm max. 3500 lm 720 lm each side
power supply lead acid gel 18 Ah lead acid gel 10 Ah lead acid gel 18 Ah nickel metal hydride 7Ah
  • mining
  • energy supply
  • construction industry
  • aviation
  • metal and engineering industry
  • army
  • petrochemistry
  • railway
  • shipping / shipbuilding
  • telecommunications
  • and also: craftsmanship, sports, leisure, camping, emergency case, etc.