Handlamp supplies

KSE-Lights - HL-004
Clip for KS-8800/8810/9800. HL-004 is a clip designed to implement on all models of our hand lamps. The clip is removable and allows users to attach our flashlight on pockets and belts of various sizes.
HL-002 A
KSE-Lights - HL-002 A
Helmet holder für KS-8800/8810
HL-002 D
KSE-Lights - HL-002 D
Helmet holder für KS-8800/8810
HL-002 E
KSE-Lights - HL-002 E
Helmet holder für KS-8800/8810
KSE-Lights - HL-003
Clamp for KS-9800.
HL-003 is a clamp designed for our KS-9800 size flashlight to attach on the wall.
KSE-Lights - HL-003-M
Clamp for KS-9800.
HL-003-M is a magnetic version of HL-003 to stick onto metal surfaces.