Flood light AM2 series

Product information

PWIS-free flood light for special applications in automotive industry

The AM2 series is suitable for illuminating industrial areas in which the freedom of paint wetting impairment substances has to be guaranteed. It can replace conventional lamps up to 400 W by the different performance classes. Because of its high protection class an application in almost every environment is possible for many years. Its modular design allows an easy maintenance and thus a durable operational capability.

Light distribution

The even light distribution is created by special high quality precision lenses. Because of this optics, there is no need for a reflector. By the high transmission grades of the lenses, a loss of the luminous flux is reduced and the system efficiency gets better. By using different optics, these lights can stand different lighting requirements. The photometric files of these lights can be downloaded here.

Light source

For the light source we have chosen a high quality diode of the Philips Company, which is leading the lighting market. These LEDs satisfy by a great light quality and a long life span with low lumen loss. All requirements in industrial applications are fulfilled by these LEDs.

Paint wetting impairment substances

The AM2 series is a custom build lighting solution and free of paint wetting impairment substances. All components are chemical resistant and before delivering the product the whole lamp gets plasma-cleaned. This will be confirmed with every delivery!

  • compact size and light weight
  • different power options, 40 W - 160 W
  • Lumen packages from 5.200 – 20.800 Lumen
  • Color temperature 5.000 Kelvin (others on request)
  • High CRI >70 (higher on request)
  • Optional with dimmable electronic ballast
  • Great passive cooling
  • High ingress protection IP66 / IK10
  • Up to 130 lm/W system efficiency
  • Long lifespan: - 75.000 h at Tu 25°C - L70 B50
  • Light generates a positive well-being
  • 100% light intensity by switching on
  • Even light distribution arising of precision lenses
Technical data
Type Floodlight series AM2
Light source KSE - LED ENGINE-AM2
Power 40 W to 160 W
Lumen output 5.200 lm to 20.800 lm
CCT 5.000 K (other optional)
CRI >70
Lifespan at 25°C ( L70 B50) 75.000 h at 25°C
Failure rate 0,10 % at 5000 h
Usage temperature -40°C to +50°C
Driver Integrated
Voltage AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimm function (optional) 10% to 100%
Housing material Aluminium
Housing color Silver- grey
Optics Wide beam, narrow beam
Optical cover PC lenses
Maintenance LED ENGINE changeable
Warranty time 7 years
Product variants
product number Luminous flux
Number of
LED modules
TL-040-xx-yy-zz-AM2 5.200 40 2,4 1
TL-080-xx-yy-zz-AM2 10.400 80 3,6 2
TL-120-xx-yy-zz-AM2 15.600 120 4,6 3
TL-160-xx-yy-zz-AM2 20.800 160 5,4 4
Floodlight-AM2 configuration
  • Special applications in automotive Industry
  • Paintshop